By: kjc
04/28/21 17:36

Island Harvest has seen a 62 percent increase in need

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ..GRACE CHURCH LENTEN FOOD DRIVE HUGE SUCCESS   Richie and I would like to thank each and every person - parish family, school family, relatives, friends and neighbors of the Parish/Day School - for the outpouring of love and kindness for our Lenten Pathway Feed the Hungry on Long Island Food Drive.   We started on Ash Wednesday and finished our 40 day pathway on Holy Saturday.     Our first drop off on March 18 was in the pouring rain and so many people came, we felt that no one would be left for the other two drop offs.   Surprise, Surprise - both March 31 and April 3 were just as busy.   Boxes and bags piled up in the storage modular.   Island Harvest came on Tuesday, April 6 and had to come back Wednesday, April 7 for the remainder of the food/toiletries.  After everything was weighed,   Grace Church and Day School donated 3,865 pounds to feed the hungry during Lent.  If we add what was contributed during our Advent Drive last December, 1480 lbs., we have a total of 5,345 pounds of food given to Island Harvest in the last few months.    Island Harvest has seen a 62 percent increase in need, and we should all be very proud of our efforts for those who are struggling.   Gianna Bottone, Food Drive Coordinator for Island Harvest said she was blown away by all of the support.  She asked that we pass along a huge thank you to everyone on Island Harvest's behalf.   Debi & Richie Csajko