Grace Happenings

08/24/22 00:41

Home Coming , Christian Ed. Registration and the Harvest Fair

Grace Happenings

Sept. 4 – Sunday Mass 9:00am: Grace Cafe open

Sept. 11 – Sunday Mass 9:00am; Grace Cafe Open

Sept  14  - Harvest Fair Gift Basket Wrapping Party, Tues. 7:00pm Parish Hall

Sept 18 Homecoming Sunday, Mass 9:00am; Christian Ed. Registration; Blessing of the Back Packs; Brunch

Sept 22 to 23- Harvest Fair set-up; day and evening

Sept 24 - HARVEST FAIR -10:00am - 4:00pm (cleanup)

Sept 25 – Morning Prayer 9:00am; Grace Cafe Open

Oct. 2 – Sunday Mass 8:00am, and 10:00am; First Christian Ed Classes 9:45am - Grace Cafe Open