New Grace Chapel Consecrated by Bishop Franklin

05/23/23 22:01

Chapel Altar is over 100 years old

New Grace Chapel Consecrated by Bishop - 

On Sunday, May 21st. Bishop R. William Franklin blessed and dedicated the newly completed Grace Chapel located in the Undercroft.  The new worship space is the focal point of the modernization of the Church Undercroft and includes a Columbarium for parishioners.  The Chapel altar is more than 100 years old and was originally at Grace's St Christopher.s Chapel in North Massapequa and was brought to Grace in the early 1960's.

The first updates to the Church building in fifty years include improved access to the church’s lower level, including handicapped accessible rest rooms and a new family room.  (Pictured (r - l) are Fr. Walter, Bishop Franklin and Deacon White.