Leaving Behind - Lenten Study

02/17/22 21:52

My question for you is: How do you want to be remembered?



Many of you have asked me, in one way or another, questions about preparing for the inevitable things to come later on in our lives, hence, before, during, and after death. In addition, a few years ago, the Bishop asked all clergy, no matter what age, to write down our wishes and outline what we want to happen when that inevitable day strikes

My question for you is: How do you want to be remembered?

This Lenten Study will be helpful for everyone. We will begin to reflect upon questions that need to be answered, if not for ourselves then for our loved ones. We will embark on a journey of deep reflections answering rather difficult questions. The journey will lead to seeing your life from a new and fresh perspective. And most of all, such deep spiritual work will bring peace to your life.

We plan to meet on Wednesdays - 03/09 - 03/23 - 03/30 and 04/6 If you prefer to meet in person, we invite you to join us for a small Lenten supper at 6:30PM in the Grace Coffee House. We will begin our studies in our Zoom Room at 7:30PM for those participating both in-person or on Zoom. The Undercroft is accessible to all with our new Stair lift.

 PLEASE NOTE: Since we will discuss many aspects of the process of end of life preparations, you will get the most out of the classes if you make a commitment and attend all four Wednesday evenings. We might be able to provide a recording if you miss one class. However, it is a study that you should try to attend in its entirety.

FIRST SESSION: Unburden your loved ones from decision making

SECOND SESSION: What should happen before, during and after I die?

THIRD SESSION: Farewell with the desired send off

 FOURTH SESSION: How do you want to be remembered?

I urge you to fully participate in all offered evenings and to do your own work as provided during the teachings. Please expect some short homework assignments

I am looking forward to our time together and hope that God will bless us with many insights, expected and unexpected. Please contact Kayla Gilrane in our Church Office, k.gilrane@gracedayschool.org, if you plan to attend in person, or on Zoom before 3/7 so we have a proper count.

Oceans of Love and Peace,

Fr. Walter
Pastor, Priest, Family, Friend